Data Deletion Instructions

Eldorado Esport is committed to your privacy and the protection of your information. If you have an account with us or have shared content that you would like to be removed, you may request the deletion of your data at any time. Below, you will find the necessary steps to request the deletion of your data.

Steps for Data Deletion Request:

  1. Identify the Data: Please clearly identify the data or content you wish to have deleted. If it’s specific posts or media items, provide the details or identifiers of these items.
  2. Send a Request: Submit your request via our designated email address: Your request should include:
    • Your full name and contact information.
    • A clear and concise description of the data you want to be deleted.
    • Any additional details or identifiers that can help us locate your data.
  3. Verification: After receiving your request, we may require additional information to verify your identity and ensure the security of your data. This step is crucial to prevent unauthorized data deletion requests.
  4. Processing Your Request: Once your request is verified, we will proceed with the deletion of your data. We will remove any data or content specified in your request from our servers and any third-party services or platforms where it is stored or shared.
  5. Confirmation: After the deletion process is complete, we will confirm with you that your data has been successfully deleted.

Please note that while we are committed to processing your request promptly, some requests may take more time to verify and complete, depending on the complexity and nature of the data involved.

Legal and Contractual Obligations:

Please be aware that in certain cases, we may not be able to delete all or some of your data due to legal, regulatory, or contractual obligations. For instance, if you have made financial transactions with us, we may be required to retain certain data for financial reporting, audit, and compliance purposes. We will inform you if such a situation arises and will only retain the necessary data for the legally required duration.

Contact Us:

If you have any questions or concerns about our data deletion process, privacy practices, or if you need assistance with submitting a data deletion request, please contact us at